Our Caring Staff

At Atlantic Coast, our caregivers are imbued with a sense of purpose and mission: they give their all to help patients get better and return home as quickly as possible. They work as a team, collaborating to effectively implement each individual’s plan of care.

Ultimately, it is the quality and performance of the caregivers that determines the quality and effectiveness of a healthcare center.

At Atlantic Coast, we are proud of our renowned nursing staff; we are committed to providing:

Our quality staffing commitment means:


We carefully select nurses and aides for their skill and experience, as well as for their caring and empathetic natures


Because of our high rate of employee satisfaction, we enjoy longevity of staff. This is especially significant in long-term care, where relationships between caregivers and residents play an important role in their thriving.

Staffing ratios

We maintain a high ratio of staff to patients, which is essential to providing effective care