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Quality and Caring Staff:
Ultimately, it is the quality and performance of the caregivers that determines the quality and effectiveness of a healthcare center.

At Atlantic Coast, we are proud of our renowned nursing staff; we are committed to providing:

  • Excellence - We carefully select nurses and aides for their skill and experience, as well as for their caring and empathetic natures
  • Staffing ratios - We maintain a high ratio of staff to patients, which is essential to providing effective care
  • Longevity- Because of our high rate of employee satisfaction, we enjoy longevity of staff. This is especially significant in long-term care, where relationships between caregivers and residents play an important role in their thriving.
At Atlantic Coast, our caregivers are imbued with a sense of purpose and mission: they give their all to help patients get better and return home as quickly as possible. They work as a team, collaborating to effectively implement each individual's plan of care.
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